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This Equipment is mainly used for solar module defect detection and special test for production process control , to test whether solar cells have material defects, sintering defects, process pollution, slivers and inferior pieces etc. or not.

1. Control Mode: PLC+PC
2. Power Supply: AV220V 50Hz Single Phrase
3. Intensity of Air Pressure: 6-8kg/cm2 

4. Air Pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa

Customization offered.

Name Solar Cell Module EL Tester
Resolution Ratio 1.4 million pixels 1300*1024 6 million pixels 2048*1300 8.3 million pixels 3326*2504 16 million pixels 4928*3246 29.5 million pixels 6576*4384
Test Imaging Time 5-10 sec
Test Period 30-40 sec 32-42 sec 30-40 sec
Detector Manufacturer Japan SONY German Customization   Japan Customization
Detector Category Cold Light CCD SLR Camera Cold Light CCD
Image Surface Noise Slight NO Slight NO
Management Software Independent R&D Chinese-English Recognition and Management Software. Automatic image saving, query, statistics,printing etc. 
Defects Type Process Pollution\Material Defects\subfissure\fragment\Broken Bars\Faulty Soldering\Low Efficiency etc.
Tested Module Type Solar Cell Module/Battery String/(monocrystal/polycrystal/thin film)
Tested Module Size Standard Size:1000MM*2000MM(Customized Service Can Be Offered)
Current & Voltage 0-20A,0-100V (Programmable Power Supply)
Work Environment Temperature: 15-40 Celsius  Humidity: 10-75%