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Portable Solar Cell tester is mainly used for outdoor solar array/module volt-ampere test and has been the essential testing tools of the power plant construction units, quality inspection departments, manufacturers, research institutes etc.
1.Test the performance characteristics of solar array or solar module under the natural light fast and conveniently and
2. Provide test security for solar power station design, acceptance check and maintenance.

3. This tester, coming with test probes for environment temperature, solar panels temperature and irradiance detection, can record tested environment state in an all-round way.
1. The mainframe of the tester adopts portable design, have dustproof and waterproof functions. 
2. It employs color LCDs visible under high light condition or sunlight to meet the needs of field work.

3. The mainframe adopts WINDOWS operating interface to show test results directly and clearly, providing users with first-class operation experience.
Basic Parameters

Probe Box Unit Features Environment Temperature Detection Range -20~100 Celsius
Battery Temperature Detection Range -20~100 Celsius
Temperature Test Accuracy ±1 Celsius
Irradiance Test Range 0~1800W/m2
Irradiance Test Accuracy Better than ±3%
Communication Interface with Mainframe RS232 Series Port, Bluetooth
Dimension(mm) L166*W83*H33
Weight 450g
Power Supply 4-Cell AAA Battery
Mainframe Features Power Supply Built-in Lithium Battery/Power Adaptor
Battery Type 14.8V/4400mAH
Battery Power-on Time 15h (Spare Battery Replaceable, provide longer Stand-by Time)
Dimension(mm) L296*W186*H75
Weight 2.2kg
Operating Temperature -10~50 Celsius
Storage Temperature -20~60 Celsius
Relative Humidity 5~95%
Major Test Index  AV6591  AV6592
 Voltage Range  5-1000V  0-50v
 Voltage Test Accuracy  0.1V  0.01V
 Voltage Test Difference  +/-1%  +/-0.2V +/-0.5% +/-0.1V
+/-1%  +/-0.1V
 Current Range  0.1-12A  0.01-10A
Current Test Accuracy 0.001A 0.001A
Current Test Accuracy  +/-1%  +/-0.02A  +/-0.5%  +/-0.01A
+/-0.1%  +/-0.01A
 Max Power Test Repeatability  +/-1%  +/-5W  +/-0.5%  +/-1W
 Max Power Test Range   50W-10KW  0W-100W
 Max Power Accuracy Switching to STC  +/-5%  +/-1W +/-5%  +/-1w