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Automatic Solar Module Curing Line adopts chain plate conveyor line, cooperating with automatic line, to realize automatic curing. It is suitable for L1500-2000, W880-1200, H35-45mm module.

1. Save labor
2. Smooth operation
3. Save factory space
4. Be able to ensure the curing time needed
5. Reduce potential quality problems caused by manual handling
6. Improve curing fixed time and raise the level of factory automation

Control Method   PLC
Dimention(mm)   L10000-30000 * W1000* H350
Weight(kg) 150-450
Curing Time   2-6h
Power   2.5KW
Power Supply   AC220V   15A   50Hz   Single Phrase
Single Supporting Layer 1-22pcs
Relative Humidity   20%-90%
Working Mode   on line /   off line
Feeding Mode   Automatic / Manual