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Automatic Solar Module Gluing and Framing Machine is used to assemble aluminium frame of solar module automatically.
1. Automatic gluing
2. With servo motor as a power source, it can precisely control position, pressure
3. Guarantee the size precision of assembled modules
4. Change module specifications dispensing with moving mechanical parts, simply need to enter the size of modules, convenient and quick.
5. Labor saving, improve the quality of automatic framing
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Name   Solar Module Gluing & Framing Machine
Model GST-ZKJ-00
Power Supply AV220V 50Hz 30A Single Phrase
Power 6.5KW
Air Pressure 0.4Mpa-0.6Mpa
Relative Humidity 20%-90%
Ground Bearing 1000KG/m2
Ground Flatness ± 10mm
Control Mode PLC + Touch screen
Applicable Size L1500-2100, W880-1200, H2-45 mm
Production TAKT 35-40s
Feeding Method Long side feeding/short side feeding