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Product Description

1. Applicable to general industrial and laboratory environment. Altitude <2000m. 
2. Be able to laminate and cure. Components with high compatibility. 
3. Can continuously work for 24 hours.

Name Semi-automatic PV Solar Cell Module Laminator
Model GST-22*22
Parameters Dimension 3000× 2550× 1250mm Weight 5.0T
Power Supply AC380V 3 phrase 4 wires Compressed Air Pressure 0.4 ~ 0.8MPa
Compressed Air Flow 0.2 ~ 0.3M3/min Effective Lamination Area 2200mm× 2200mm
Height of Lamination Cavity 25mm Total Power 30KW
Normal Working Power 8-15KW Pump-down Speed of Vacuum Pump 30L/S
Control Platform Touch Screen Highest Heating Temperatrue 180  Celsius
Heating Platform Uneveness Degree≤ 300um/M2 Operating Temperature 100   ~ 165  Celsius
Whole Heating Platform Temperature Uneveness Degree ≤ ± 2 Celsius Precision of Temperature Control ± 1  Celsius
Temperature Control Range 30   --180 Celsius Ceiling Temperature 180  Celsius
Operating Temperature Range Indoor Temperature-180 Celsius Lamination Time According to materials
Pump-down Time 5 ~ 8min Vacuum Degree 100 ~ 15Pa
Open Mode Back Cover Open Safeguarding After Opening Self-locking crank