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The PV Solar Module IV Tester is the first test system in the industry able to support real-time multi-channel photovoltaic module test, providing up to 6-channel real-time test ability. The channel number can be customized according to customer's requirements.
1. Can automatically identify the connected test channels
    Can alone or uniformly control volt-ampere performance test of different channels
    Provide calibration parameters options, irradiance and measured data of temperature
    Can be stored in a computer's local hard disk.

2. Provide real time curves of maximum power, irradiance and temperature.
    Provide statistics of real-time generated energy and total irradiation.
    One of the test channels' generating capacity can be set as the benchmark, to show the relative power generation ratios of other channels in power generating test.

3. Power supply: AC and DC to choose.
    Provide standard four wire connection test.
    Probes adopt wireless or serial cable connection.
    Multi-channel tester is connected to the computer by the USB cable, providing computer application sofware.

4. In Multi-channel test, if the panels are at the same condition, can adopt one probe. Also, can install up to six probes according to actual situation.
5. In single channel test, using the test module of AV6591, can provide 10A short-circuit current and 1000V open circuit voltage of module testing function.
6. Can provide automatic continuous testing function with the interval of more than 5 minutes according to user's customization.
Basic configuration
1. Multi-channel tester (6CH)
2. Laptop
3. Sensor module (including irradiance, solar panels temperature, environment temperature, probe holder) 
4. Matched test cables

 Multi-Channel PV Solar Panel Module IV Tester (6 Channel)Multi-Channel PV Solar Panel Module IV Tester (6 Channel)