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AV6581 Solar Panel IV Tester is mainly used for final testing of solar panels production, can also be used before lamination, which can greatly improve the encapsulation yield at a time. This tester is suitable for a variety of battery components such as single crystal, polycrystal and thin film etc. can test the parameters of I-V curve, P-V curve, short circuit current and open circuit voltage, peak power. 
The tester is a constant pulse system based on simulated sunlight by xenon lamp. Xenon lamp light source goes through twice filter, spectral distribution has reached IEC60904-9 A level requirements.
The tester is composed of sun simulator, software, infrared temperature measuring probe and guide rail and so on, has visual interface. The whole test process is completed by control circuit automatically.

Fast test speed, high precision, intuitive test results.


Model AV6581
Sun Simulator Max Testable Area 2, 000*1, 100mm
Lamp Type Long-arc Xenon Lamp
Lamp Lifetime 300, 000 Times
Light Intensity Range 200W/m2~1, 200W/m2
Spectrum Mismatching Degree Better than ± 15%
Irradiation Instability Better than ± 0.5%
Irradiation Unevenness Better than ± 2%
Working Method Once/ Twice Flash
Pulse Width 10ms
Data Acquisition Unit Voltage Range 1V\10V\50V\100V
Current Range 0.25A\1A\2.5A\10A
Resolution Ratio of Current & Voltage 0.025%
Max Power Measurement Repeatability Better than ± 0.5%
Single Measurement Time 1s
Min Test Interval 5s
Handling Capacity Test 360pcs/h
Power Supply Type Single Phrase, AC198V-242V, 50Hz
Max Power Consumption 3KW
Average Power Consumption 1KW
Dimension L*W*H 2, 620× 1, 500× 910mm
Weight 700kg
Working Condition Operating Temperature 0-55 Celsius
Storage Temperature -25-75 Celsius
Relative Humidity 5-95%
Work Environment No corrosive gas