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Product Description

Major Characteristics: 
1. Using double MCU control chip redundancy design, more secure. 
2. Two-way independent MPPT control, the MPPT efficiency > 99.9%. 
3. No transformer isolation design, high conversion efficiency, light weight. 
4. Remote alarm functions. 
5. High precision of grid tracking and frequency response 
6. Wide voltage range MPPT input, wide range of power grid adaptability. 
7. Low harmonic current, high power factor, high conversion efficiency. 
8. Advanced and reliable anti-islanding detection technology, impeccable self check of breakdown. 
9. LCD graphic display, multi-language interface to choose from. 
10. Event storage and historical record query, PC monitoring system can be saved. 
11. Can set protection and operation parameters. 
12. High environmental adaptabiliy(25-60 Celsius, IP65 protection class) 
13. Direct insertion type waterproof input/output terminals, secure and quick installation. 
Safety Features 
Protection function: Islanding protection, the polarity reverse protection, DC over/under-voltage protection, AC over/under-voltage, output short circuit protection, over temperature protection, square array ground protection, leakage protection, etc. 
Standard: CNCA/CTS0004-2009A, CNCA/CTS0006: 2010, IEC62109-1: 10, IEC62109 -2: 2011, VDE0126-1-1 / A1, CE, AS4777, NEW CEI 0-21, G83 / G59, C10 / C11.

Model AV1772A AV1772B AV1772C
DC Input Parameters
Maximum Input Power 2500W 4000W 5000W
Max. Input Voltage 550V
Max. Input Current 15A 12A/12A 14A/14A
Inverter Cut-in/Turn-off Voltage 150V/120V
MPPT Voltage Range 125V~520V
Rated Power MPPT Range 160V~500V 160V~500V 175V~500V
Array Access Number/MPP Tracking Number 1/1 2/2 2/2
AC Output Parameters
AC Rated Output Power 2300W 3680W 4600W
Max. AC Output Current 12A 18A 22A
Rated Network Voltage 220V/230V
Rated Network Frequency 50Hz
Current Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) ≤3%(rated power)
Power Factor ≥0.99(rated power);  -0.95~+0.95(VDE-AR-N4105)
DC Component <0.5%(rated current)
Max. Efficiency ≥96.6% ≥96.8% ≥96.8%
Europe Efficiency 95.8% 96% 96%
System Parameters
Nighttime Power Dissipation 0W
Level of Protection IP54(outdoor)
Operating Temperature -25~+60 Celsius
Relative Humidity 0~98%, no condensation
Topology Mode No transformer non-isolated type
Noise <30dB <60dB <60dB
Type of Cooling Natural cooling Smart air cooling Smart air cooling
Mechanical Parameters
Dimension(W*H*D) 370*525*165(mm)
Weight 22kg 25kg 25kg
Installation Mode Wall-mounted type
DC Switch Optional
RS485 Communication Interface Optional
Power Management Unit(PMU) Optional